What is Buyer Stamp Duty & Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)?

What is Stamp Duty?

Before we talked about what is buyer stamp duty and additional buyer stamp duty in Singapore, let us have a brief understanding of what is a Stamp Duty. Stamp duty is a tax on documents relating to the purchase or lease of a property. It is to be paid by the buyer within 14 days after the date of the document (e.g. Sale & Purchase Agreement, Tenancy Agreement) if the document is signed in Singapore. If the document is signed overseas, it has to be paid within 30 days after the date of its receipt in Singapore.

Details can be found here: IRAS: What is Stamp Duty?

So what is Buyer’s Stamp Duty?

Buyer’s Stamp Duty is tax paid on the acceptance of Option to Purchase (OTP) / Sale & Purchase Agreements (S&P). These are documents (i.e. OTP or S&P) that are prepared and signed when you buy or sell your property. Stamp Duty is payable on the actual price or market price whichever is higher.  The buyer is responsible for paying Buyer’s Stamp Duty.  Where Seller’s Stamp Duty is applicable, the seller is responsible for paying Seller’s Stamp Duty.

Calculation of Buyer’s Stamp Duty:


Payment Schedule% of Stamp Duty
First S$180,0001%
Next S$180,0002%
Next S$640,0003%
Remaining Amount4%

So what is Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty?

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) was first introduced on 7 December 2011 to cool the residential market and revised upwards on 12 Jan 2013 due to the further acceleration in the escalation of the price of the residential properties.  ABSD is to be paid by certain groups of people who buy or acquire residential properties (including residential land) on top of the existing buyer’s stamp duty (BSD), is applicable as follows:

Buyer’s Citizen TypeRate of 1st Property Purchase2nd Property Purchase3rd and subsequent Property Purchase
Singapore CitizenNot Applicable12%15%
Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)5%15%15%

Case Study on Computation of Total Buyer’s Stamp Duty

Lastly, here’s the case study for the computation of BSD and ABSD:

Assuming a foreigner buying a condominium at a market price of $2 million. The ABSD rate of 20% will apply to this particular buyer.

Computation of BSD:

1% of the first S$180,000$180,000 x 1%S$1,800
2% of the next S$180,000$180,000 x 2%S$3,600
3% of the next S$640,000$640,000 x 3%S$19,200
Remaining Amount (i.e. S$1,000,000)S$1,000,000 x 4%S$40,000
BSD payableS$64,600

Computation of ABSD (based on rates on or before 5 July 2018):

ABSD Payable: 20% on $2,000,000 = $400,000

Total Stamp Duty Payable = $64,600 + $400,000 = $464,600